• diabetes is not just a disease

    For many families, Type 1 diabetes means choosing between food and a child's life every day.

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  • What We Do

    Udaan started in early 2000 with the adoption of a single child who couldn't afford insulin she needed to stay alive. Over the last 15+ years, we found that a diagnosis of Type 1 could also mean being pulled out of school, and an end of all hope. We went from village to village, finding underprivileged children with Type 1 diabetes and became a family of nearly 700 families.


    Today, every Udaan kid is a dreamer, aware that she can do anything she wants. Here are some of the things we do to help her succeed.


    Comprehensive Medical Care

    Mission: No child lost due to lack of resources

    We raise resources from individual and institutional donors to provide free insulin, glucometers, strips, consulations and investigations to all Udaan kids. Each child receives a standard of care in keeping with IDF and ISPAD guidelines. As most children have no access to a doctor nearby, Udaan operates 24 hour helplines to support rural kids with medical or other concerns.

    Emotional Support

    Mission: Empower children with diabetes to dream and achieve

    Udaan works with families to address the psycho-social aspect of chronic care. We run a unique program called MyT1Moms (read here). Mothers of T1D are trained to become coaches, providing advice and emotional support. Udaan is a fun place, where kids and families gain confidence and form strong bonds over summer camps, weekly activities, competitions, picnics and treks.

    Child and Caregiver Education

    Mission: Develop skills and knowledge for life-long self management

    Udaan is a pioneer in creating a structured education program for caregivers tailored for low-literacy environments. Every week, kids and caregivers join an expert support group to learn self management.

    Programs go beyond medical management to address social aspects like parenting, problem solving, and career counseling.

    Inclusive Innovation

    Mission: International standard outcomes within constrained resources

    Many of our families have no reliable access to electricity, which renders insulin ineffective and risks the life of Udaan kids. We designed a clay pot that could be made by a local potter, which keeps insulin cool with just three glasses of water a day. Other innovations for low-literacy situations include games for diabetes education and hotline for rural medical support. As a result, Udaan kids have HbA1c levels similar to those seen in most developed country settings.

    Community Awareness

    Mission: Prevent Type 2 diabetes and create a positive ecosystem for kids with Type 1 diabetes

    Udaan conducts workshops, radio shows, rallies and road shows to promote nutrition and exercise in the local community. Our keystone projects are DiPS (Diabetes prevention in Schools) and GPEd (General Practioner Education) programs, which are offered in both rural and semi-urban environments in Maharashtra.

  • Stats & Figures

    Our work in numbers


    Udaan kids currently supported


    Udaan graduates - now thriving adults


    villages and towns that Udaan kids come from


    km to the nearest doctor for most Udaan kids


    helpline Calls per year


    reduction in hospitalisations


    family education programs conducted


    rupees is the monthly income of a typical Udaan family


    rupees is the cost of keeping a child with Type 1 alive, without Udaan support

  • Who we are

    We're on a mission to bring love and hope to every child with diabetes


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