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About Udaan

UDAAN, An NGO founded by Dr.Archana, today supports more than 950 children with Type1Diabetes. Type 1 Diabetes is a condition where in the child dies without insulin therapy. These children come from Rural Marathwada with low literacy, money, and access to care. They are supported by UDAAN with free of cost medical care, psychosocial support, education, helplines and career and marriage guidance.

Our Reason to Exist

Dr Archana realized that there were more than one factor leading to death of children with type 1 diabetes in Marathwada region.

Social Discrimination 

Lack of Affordability

Low level

of Literacy

No Accesible


Myths &

Our Impact

Today UDAAN is seen in the diabetes community as an ideal model for care for T1D in rural India.

Some of our outcomes are;

  • Almost 100 % survival

  • Negligible complications 

  • More than 250 healthy survivors with duration of T1D more than 20 years

  • Hospitalization rate is negligible.

  • More than 100 girl marriages with healthy motherhood.

  • Vocational training and suitable jobs for all adults Empowered mothers who work as diabetes coaches. 

  • T1D leaders selected from rural areas for national and international representation.

  • More than 200 doctors educated on basic care.

  • Learning resources in local language 

  • A support group by Udaan families in each of the villages where the child comes from to support other families.

  • Quality of life improvement many fold.

  • Employment loss/ wages loss are no longer seen due to UDAAN support.

  • A passionate team of 50 people from all walks of life have joined UDAAN to make this happen.



  • To ensure NO child with with Type 1 Diabetes is left without medical care

  • To ensure Children with Type1 Diabetes have the environment to thrive and live a healthy fulfilling life

  • To have the ‘Udaan’ model replicated in other states for maximum reach 

  • To have more D-moms trained as D-Coaches 

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