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Book Launch

6/4/23, 8:30 pm

Udaan Launches Games Book on Words Health day

On the occasion of this  WORLD HEALTH DAY on 7th April 2023

We launch our very own book 

“ ख se khelna I ड se diabetes” 

If this book is in your hands, your life has been touched with Type 1 Diabetes (T1D). Living with Type 1 Diabetes, caring for someone with T1D and educating a person with T1D, all involve communication at an interpersonal level. As we embark on this journey to empower young people with T1D with self-care skills, we realise that everyone has a different learning ability. At Udaan, we believe every child can learn. The onus is upon us to overcome the barriers of language, literacy, intelligence and affordability. Another aspect we learnt over the 20 years of experience of Udaan is that learning is more affective when it is fun. After all its children we are reaching out to! ‘Kh se Khelna’ is the outcome of Udaan’s creative experiments over the years to let children have fun as they learn. We created, we played, we enjoyed, we learned, and so, we decided to share! This book comes to you in two sections. The first section is more focussed on learning through multiple pathways such as visual or experiential memory. The second section of conversation games are meant to be peer group sharing sessions. The games and tools used in the book are deliberately created around the

day-to-day familiar activities for children across cultures. To optimize outcomes, we suggest you involve the children and caregivers in

creating the tools used for each game, use local language and plan conversation points around the games in advance. We hope you enjoy teaching and learning self-care in Type 1 Diabetes as much as we do at Udaan!

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